About Harold

Harold Flemister


Harold Flemister was born a miracle child. Weighing in at birth at 12lbs, 13 oz, the Liberian native was born with clubbed feet because his size made it impossible for him to turn in the womb. Despite doctors telling his family that he wouldn't walk, his grandmother didn't give up hope and carried him on her back to a natural doctor that gave her exercises to re-shape Harold's feet. When he was old enough, he started doing the exercises himself, redesigning them to make them more efficient. At the age of 10, he befriended another child with a similar birth defect. Harold used his own knowledge to design exercises for his new friend, eventually enabling the other young boy to walk without casts. Harold's family moved to the United States when he was 12, and he struggled to adjust. Harold found his place in a gym and asked his dad for weights, which began his love for fitness. 

Every time Harold passed along his knowledge while growing up, it made him feel whole. He started learning about anatomy, nutrition, and the human body. Even though he worked several odd jobs, he couldn't shake his passion for exercise. 

When Harold began training clients at another local gym, he was inspired by one of his clients, Dr. Cromie from the Chattanooga Allergy Clinic, to begin thinking about starting his own business. In February 2014, that dream became a reality with the opening of the Market Street location of Core Fit Pros!