We're committed to our clients success. We evaluate each client and tailor every exercise based on your goals and ability. 




At Core Fit Pros we're committed to delivering the very best in personalized exercise - in a safe, comfortable, friendly and supportive  environment.

Our workouts are 100% tailored to your personal goals and fitness level. 

Are you up for the challenge?


A building is only as strong as its foundation. 


At Core Fit Pros, we don't just work the glamour muscles. We take a comprehensive approach to fitness, from nutrition to muscle imbalances. Everyone has them, and that's okay!

We have a two day a week minimum - it's one of our core tenets. It takes 4-8 hours for your muscles to build their memory. You won't get the proper benefits of working out if you just exercise every now and then, both mentally and physically. 

The very first session at Core Fit Pros involves an assessment for Harold to see where you are at physically, mentally, and emotionally. He wants to know about past injuries and current imbalances. Harold wants to know how to motivate you and is meticulous in customizing programs for every client. Core Fit Pros is perfect for beginners all the way through advanced athletes.




The biggest area that most struggle with in their fitness isn't finding the energy or time to work out- its nutrition. Folks can struggle with overdoing it or not fueling enough. 

We get it- being a business owner, family member, or just a human being is hard. There are food temptations at every corner, you're busy, and knowing what is good and what is bad can seem confusing at times. 

We work alongside our clients with nutritionists to design a program surrounding what your body needs, not surpluses or deficiencies, and certainly not one-size-fits-all programs. Different body types require different levels of fuel, so we're looking forward to designing a regimen that's catered just for you.