How long will it take me to get hit my goals?


That's a tough question with a tough answer. It’s an on-going team effort- Harold and his team at Core Fit Pros will push you as far as you can go in the gym, but you’ve got to do your part outside the gym as well. We like to say that limits are a bad way to look at your body. We're after a lifestyle-change, which is a never ending process. Results on each person's body simply take different amounts of time.  

Will it get easier?


3 Things Harold wants you to know about Core Fit Pros.

That's another tough question with a tough answer. While you will get in better shape and certain exercises will get easier, we'll continue to adapt your workout to keep challenging you. The best things in life only come through challenges, and we want your experience with Core Fit Pros to be the same thing. 

  1. We'll never give up on you. We've seen life-changing things through Harold's training, including in his own life. Harold was never supposed to be able to walk, so we're ready to invest the same level of life-changing energy into your personal development.
  2. We have a comprehensive approach to fitness and seeks to empower through fitness education. Time spent in the gym is awesome, but true results requires a life change, from how you eat, to how you sleep, to how you work. When we seek to hold you accountable beyond our walls, please know that we're doing it because we care about you.
  3. We're a God-fearing group of folks. We take the Bible verse seriously when it says to work wholeheartedly, as though you were working for the Lord. We'll never seek to impose any beliefs on you, other than work ethic and determination.   

How do I sign up?

Give us a call at (423) 838-8788 or visit our Contact page to email us.